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sillenia on 08:10, 16. Jan, 2018
not sure about 2 moments in this - are those bugs?
not sure how prince of thieves could steal 5 gems out of one he had - round 79
says min 5, but how can you steal what is not there? :D
maybe change wording?
round 105 river thieve blocked my gem growth to 2, should have been normal 3 + 2 from stock +2 ...
do i miss something?
Mojko on 05:31, 17. Jan, 2018
Yeah, the Prince of thieves needs to have the card text improved. I'm not sure what's going on with the River thief, though. I see that both Aqua and Brigand keywords had been triggered when that turn was played. Will look into it further.
Mojko on 02:10, 19. Jan, 2018
Fixed in r2780. The problem was caused by the Brigand keyword. The "steal stock" functionality wasn't handling negative values correctly. You see if you steal stock from opponent that has negative value of stock you're actually giving him stock back.

Changes will be applied soon.
sillenia on 10:23, 19. Jan, 2018
i see :)
thanks for the quick fix :)