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MeCho on 10:01, 12. Jan, 2018
I have played Fire Lord with the only set keyword as Burning and the matching card was gem cost so it should have granted 90 Token points and it did - however since i had more burning cards it should have reached 100 and since the Fire Lord has Burning on itself trigger the effect and discard my opponents Rare card.However the only thing that happened was that my tokens were set to 100 but the Burning keyword did not trigger.

This is the replay of the match whit the presumed bug:
antichroust on 11:52, 12. Jan, 2018
I think it is because of the sequencing of the card keywords, it seems first executed keyword trigger is Burning which grants you 27 tokens (5 Burning in hand) + 54 (already in token pool) = 81 tokens; and then the Far sight triggers and gives you 90 tokens (rare far sight) which max your token pool to 100 but it cant be triggered, because Burning keyword has already been applied
if it is really working this way, the solution should be in switching the sequence of keywords... first Far sight and then Burning
Mojko on 18:38, 12. Jan, 2018
antichroust is right. It works exactly like this. I'll add this to my TODO list.
antichroust on 18:50, 12. Jan, 2018
Does the keyword sequence on the card (from left to right) reflect the order in which are they triggered? or is this listing of keywords unrelated to that and have only informative character?

for example Alucard:
1) Far sight
2) Banish
3) Skirmisher

3of0 on 19:24, 12. Jan, 2018
It's explained like that under Help, Tokens. It's caught me a couple of times, but accepted it since it was 'documented'. :) Maybe Prioritizing non-token keywords before key words that have tokens?

I do like the idea that a keyword would get activated right away as it hits 100 regardless of the source of the tokens being applied from.
antichroust on 19:37, 12. Jan, 2018
3of0 wrote:
It's explained like that under Help, Tokens.

ah, i see, thanks :)
Mojko on 04:54, 13. Jan, 2018
The order of Keywords on the card doesn't determine the order of processing. To check the order of processing see this page.