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antichroust on 00:24, 30. Apr, 2017

zero cost
Stock -14
Mode 1:
Bricks 20+N+M
Mode 2:
Gems 20+N+M
Recruits 20+N+M
N=Resources lost/2
M=Resources lost during opponents last round(Max 20)
if N<10 Tower -10

this is interesting idea of resource redistribution, but i think it could be simplified to:
stock: - 14 (or any other number depending on rarity...)
N = # lost resources
Mode 1:
Bricks: +N
Mode 2:
Gems: +N
Recruits: +N

there is lots of resource redistribution cards, but most of them provide you with random distribution (Magic lamp, Magic spring, etc.); equal distribution (stock+ cards and also Alchemist,...) and cards with increase of specific type of resource (Mithril mine, Magic well, Preparations,...) and then few cards that allow you to choose type of resource (Warlock, Flesh golem, Iron golem, etc.)
so i think it's interesting because it's kind of new, it's more flexible, but also it drains your other resources and the number you get depends on current stock... but maybe iam overlooking something... just my opinion