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MeCho on 23:56, 4. Nov, 2016
Riki is that you ? :D
Coolis on 11:29, 5. Nov, 2016
Arcturus on 06:48, 30. Aug, 2017
Great idea, I'd really like to see this approved.
Djinn on 04:45, 14. May, 2022


Wall +12
Hides and shuffles 3 revealed cards in hand

Is it supposed to work in non-Hidden mode? Far Sight already has counters in Hidden with all the many hand-discards and Whirlwind, and it's sorta hit-and-miss to begin with, however valuable warning can sometimes be.

Aside from that, it's a cheaper Bricks-using Illusion common than Mirror Golem that also gives Wall, which are things the many struggling Illusion decks need (i.e. that alone might be a good reason to add it).