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Sorlag on 18:57, 2. Nov, 2016
In the hidden mode history reveals all cards.
Mojko on 23:55, 2. Nov, 2016
Thanks for reporting, I'll have a look.
Mojko on 00:36, 3. Nov, 2016
I have fixed this issue in r2418. Changes will not be applied immediately, tough.
dimitris on 10:20, 4. Nov, 2016
In I see that the "Last game action" date/time field is wrong. Specifically, it is always the same for all open games, and it seems that it always takes the current date/time (when accessing the ?location=Games url)

This is not reproducible in the the main, only in the test.
Mojko on 18:49, 5. Nov, 2016
Thanks for reporting, I'll check it out.
Mojko on 19:48, 6. Nov, 2016
Fixed in r2425.
Sorlag on 19:30, 12. Nov, 2016
Can't remember if that was here earlier and it's not really a bug, but hints for gained achievements look weird.
Mojko on 19:31, 12. Nov, 2016
Thanks for reporting, I'll a have a look at that.
Mojko on 19:14, 13. Nov, 2016
Fixed in r2453.
Sorlag on 16:35, 14. Nov, 2016
Last order should reveal summoned card too.
antichroust on 18:02, 14. Nov, 2016
Water ritual should as well reveal summoned card
Mojko on 18:54, 14. Nov, 2016
Thanks for reporting guys, I'll add these fixes to the next card changes batch. I'm also fixing all other "evoke" cards.