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Bastr on 08:58, 27. Sep, 2016
I can't play the card Scepter of evolution in game 427441, it seems there is a bug. I have a white window with Firefox, and page with programmation pb in IE.
Thx for help
Mojko on 19:18, 29. Sep, 2016
Thanks for reporting, I'll have a look.
pierremez on 17:06, 30. Sep, 2016
Hey all !

Hope you're well :-)

Exactly the same bug for game number : 427869
It's white screen when I ply scepter of evolution.

Have a great day :-)
Bye !
Mojko on 19:38, 1. Oct, 2016
This issue was caused by the new server setup as well. This card should be fixed now, however they may be other cards that are effected by similar issue. I'm going to do a thorough search and fix all other occurrences.
Bastr on 07:28, 3. Oct, 2016
Thank you !