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MeCho on 21:44, 25. Sep, 2016
Maaaan i wouldnt have thought you would have offered something so bizzare :D
Djinn on 04:55, 14. May, 2022

Production x0
Lose 15 random resources
Changes rarity of all cards in hand

Begging the question; "what change?"
Like, is it increasing the rarity, randomly trying to increase or decrease it, and then how does it determine which card to pick? Is this basically a card which draws completely random cards so long as they aren't the rarity of the card which was last there? So you're drawing "7 random non-common cards and 1 random non-rare card"? I'd expect the name for this to be "Call Chaos" or a similar reference, and my version of it would intentionally reduce the number of rares drawn one way or another rather than make it about 3 or 4 on average.

Then again, when I was thinking about making my own Call Chaos card, I was expecting to have it be an Uncommon quasi-alternative to Scepter of Summoning and Second chance; where you get a higher chance of drawing rares at the cost of them not likely being ones from your deck.