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MeCho on 00:16, 7. Aug, 2016
In hidden mode i suggest that the keyword tokens of both players would be hidden for the first 10 rounds or until it has been trigered which ever is sooner so the players would not know from the get go what type of deck the opponent uses
DPsycho on 02:02, 7. Aug, 2016
I would suggest that any relevant keyword be revealed as soon as any tokens are gained. There are cards that use the opponent's token values in their effects, so the values must be visible, and if you're seeing that a hidden keyword is gaining tokens, you're going to know what identifier it is in all but the most obscure cases.

But then, I don't know if this is necessary. Some decks don't rely on three keywords, and the players occasionally set dummy keywords for the vacant ones to throw off the opponent. One of my decks has Soldier set just in the event that I play the Rare card that fills your hand with Soldiers. There isn't a single Soldier card in that deck.

I suppose that if you play the same opponent enough times, you can start to recognize the deck based on the keywords. But you're likely to have just as much information by Round 3 in any case.
MeCho on 12:30, 7. Aug, 2016
I use Alliance keyword in some of my decks just for the Sacred forest(3 Rares? Yes please) on toppic - if you dont have a lot of common far sight and you are not familiar with the opponent i think most of the time it will take quite a bit more then 3 rounds to know for sure

And how are you going to know if the opponent is gaining tokens if it is hidden ?
DPsycho on 02:10, 8. Aug, 2016
I reasoned that the gains should be visible because there are cards that use the opponent's tokens as part of the effect. Sure, that's not decisive, but those cards could really use a buff rather than a nerf imho.

And when I said you would know by Round 3, I was talking about the specific situation where you're playing an opponent for whom you're familiar with the different decks they play.

I just don't see this proposal as improving the game.