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Fithz Hood on 09:48, 28. Jul, 2016
On turn 70 Chemo used Vampire lord + Ice revenant, that should have triggered Ice revenant's bonus attack since Vampire lord spawns Vampires wich are undead.
But there was no bonus attack.
That's because V.L. it's not considered an undead support card (so there is actually no error) but I wonder if it should be.
MeCho on 14:11, 28. Jul, 2016
well it states "or replacing" and Vampire lord "replaces" so it should...not sure in terms how much it is actually necessary for the gameplay
Coolis on 14:16, 28. Jul, 2016
Well I think it shouldn't. The previous card should be the one, which can summon revenant, and Vampire Lord can't.
Sorlag on 19:02, 28. Jul, 2016
It seems there is "support" key word in the card description that can be easily overlloked.
And Vampire Lord summons one certain card, that happens to be Undead, so that card actually is not Undead support.
dimitris on 12:19, 29. Jul, 2016
Well, Vampire Lord summons an Undead support card, so you can try a three-way combo Vampire Lord + Vampire + Ice Revenant :P
Coolis on 13:05, 29. Jul, 2016
Requires only 62 gems :)
MeCho on 13:44, 29. Jul, 2016
And Vampire is not summoning nor replacing so it would not work
Coolis on 14:09, 29. Jul, 2016
dimitris on 16:20, 29. Jul, 2016
Ah yes!