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DPsycho on 01:21, 17. Jul, 2016
Discard all attack cards from hand
N=Cards discarded
M=Recruits lost
Will not reduce Tower below 1

I assume that this should read "Will not reduce opponent's Tower below 1" since there doesn't appear to be any self-inflicted damage.

Which is a shame, really, since Leeroy Jenkins is ALL ABOUT self-inflicted damage to his entire team.
MeCho on 04:32, 17. Jul, 2016
Since there is no self Tower damage explained adding the opponent seemed unnecessary to me since i thought its obvious and it only adds one extra line to the card

No i think his theme is going in all-in balls deep to confront his enemies relying on raw strength to overpower them without any regard to strategy or safety.And i think it does fit this theme and just like in the original video he fails to achieve the ultimate goal but here in arcomage he might put up a hell of a fight before he goes down :)