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MeCho on 23:06, 8. Jul, 2016
Yes you could...ever since round 10... :)
WhiteLynx on 06:16, 9. Jul, 2016
Sorry, but I still wonder, what do you mean...) Give me some hint)
MeCho on 07:13, 9. Jul, 2016
Female troll wtf?
WhiteLynx on 11:32, 9. Jul, 2016
Whatever if you couldn't explain =/
MeCho on 16:34, 9. Jul, 2016
Ok ill ignore the fact that i explained 3 times already including 1 time in detail and imagine im not being trolled.

At round 10 you have ENOUGH RECRUITS to PLAY SELLSWORD which is NOT IN YOUR DECK and CAN DESTROY my TOWER yet you keep it up for another 5 more rounds just to eventually play it and type Revenge)
WhiteLynx on 16:45, 9. Jul, 2016
Oh, now it's clear) No trolling, I just thought you were talking about this game

Because that dialog was there, btw)
WhiteLynx on 16:46, 9. Jul, 2016
And... Take it easy)
DPsycho on 16:47, 9. Jul, 2016
WhiteLynx wrote:
And... Take it easy)

MeCho on 17:06, 9. Jul, 2016
I never lost my cool 8-)
DPsycho on 17:10, 9. Jul, 2016
MeCho wrote:
I never lost my cool 8-)

MeCho wrote:
Female troll wtf?

Your own posts differ from your assessment.

This kind of treatment of others will not be tolerated. Consider yourself warned.
MeCho on 17:20, 9. Jul, 2016
"the fact that i explained 3 times already including 1 time in detail"

And i have nothing against WhiteLynx or females :)