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MeCho on 17:59, 7. Jul, 2016
i suggest to change the Mage part to Runic
DPsycho on 00:38, 8. Jul, 2016
That would leave Mage not having anything like this, whereas I feel that Runic already has brick gain support.
MeCho on 02:13, 8. Jul, 2016
Druid could still summon it and there is always Elven Enchantress

also i dont have it neither in Build nor Unliving deck
DPsycho on 03:24, 8. Jul, 2016
Of course not. It's meant to help Mage decks play the handful of building cards that synergize.
MeCho on 03:28, 8. Jul, 2016
Runic cards can be used by more decks then Mage therefore it would effect more decks

Even more so while i would most likely use those 3 Restorations IF i made deck based mostly on Mage my most played deck is Mage Legend and it only includes Meditation
DPsycho on 03:46, 8. Jul, 2016
Instead of suggesting to change this card (and the other two) to make it fit more decks, you should be examining it within the context of when it works best as currently designed. For which it is fine. Retooling a card to be useful for a multitude of deck strategies rarely benefits the game as a whole. We had several cards like that in the past, and they had their efficacy decreased to remedy that.

I suggest you create a new concept rather than making suggestions to improve cards that already have their place in the game.

One thing I would concede is that, specific as it is, this card might often be seen as something of a dead draw when summoned via the Restoration keyword.
MeCho on 06:54, 8. Jul, 2016
Talking about dead draws have you seen the Messenger?
MeCho on 19:16, 8. Jul, 2016
Okay so i made a Mage deck to test this and what i found that i could have done just as well without ever getting any U Restoration other then Meditation i had to forcefully imply getting that Magical clay by removing Knight Templar,Sandword and Templar castle and replacing with Sorceress outpost Border Fortress and Magical Clay in their part which left me with a lot of unused Recruits which i had to invest in 2 Rare slots for Bahamut and Dragon Squadron

Conclusion:I traded speed for more defense and slower strategy ...Mage decks can do well without getting one of those 2 and probably cannot use them both effectively

Also i think Magical clay is under powered and no non mage decks will use it as it is because 5 extra resources which is almost what you would expect from a 0 -cost common and these are Bricks least valuable and you pay the highest valued and it actually has a initial cost so yeah....CRAP