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MeCho on 13:55, 7. Jul, 2016
Under priced version of Rainbow Fairy with the only draw back that it can summon a common -i would include it ALL of my decks
Coolis on 14:24, 7. Jul, 2016
I agree, 2r for 33,3% chance of summoning a rare is just too OP
DPsycho on 14:34, 7. Jul, 2016
GreatEmerald on 16:28, 7. Jul, 2016
What would you suggest for a reasonable price, then? My idea was the functionality itself, didn't put much thought into the price :)
Coolis on 16:45, 7. Jul, 2016
0 cost prodx0 may be enough (like death prophet), or 3/3/3, but it may be too similiar to rainbow fairy (mb wall+3/4 inn addition to this or sth)
GreatEmerald on 21:39, 7. Jul, 2016
Hm, true. The 0 cost is an interesting idea, though I like the simplicity of the card description...