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July on 06:58, 21. Apr, 2016
Tell me please.
Why so? I have played the card "wiked ritual" and 4 cards the titan were dumped, and the damage has made 90, but not 120 as is declared on the card, 30*unique discarded cards. Thanks in advance for the answer!
dimitris on 11:25, 21. Apr, 2016
Cannot access game data.
Please post a screenshot if possible or wait for the game to end and post the replay.
dimitris on 12:13, 21. Apr, 2016
Could you please also post a screenshot of the previous turn? Before playing Wicked Ritual?
dimitris on 14:17, 21. Apr, 2016
OK thanks.
The card counts only unique cards. In this case it discarded 4 cards but two of them were Titan legs instances, so it discarded 3 unique cards. So 90 is the correct value.
July on 14:43, 21. Apr, 2016
Thank you for the answer!