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MeCho on 20:30, 24. Mar, 2016
We could really use a statistic of card win rate that way balancing card would be MUCH more easier the current statistic only shows how good the card people THINK it is not how good it ACTUALLY is
DPsycho on 22:50, 24. Mar, 2016
How are you proposing to measure this? The card being present in a deck that wins? The card being the final one played? The card having been played X number of times in a match that resulted in a win? There are multiple ways of counting, and I'm not sure which would yield the most (if at all) useful data.

Would the opposite (any of these measures in a losing match) count against this value?
MeCho on 12:31, 25. Mar, 2016
A card has been in X number of matches and has won Y of them.From here its simple math to calculate the percentage won
DPsycho on 13:25, 25. Mar, 2016
Even if it's in a deck but never drawn? Or if it's not in a deck drawn by a random summon effect and never actually played? What if it's only discarded?

There are a lot of factors to consider, and I'm not sure it gives more useful information than the implemented count of how many times a card is played, win or lose.
MeCho on 14:59, 25. Mar, 2016
Well maybe it has to be picked in the deck and drawn and when it is drawn then it doesnt have to be played for its stats to be recorded
Lord_Earthfire on 19:15, 26. Mar, 2016
I have another point: Is it really the power behind a card you are measuring of the versitality.

Take two examples:
Undead host and Magical forge

The power behind undead host is real and i've seen it ending many games. On the other hand, it's only playable in Undead decks.

Enter Magical forge: You see it in many decks because it is fitting everywhere, but it isn't the card where i would argue about the power level.

On the other hand, lets look at the statistics tool we already have. It's true that cards that are played often above all decks are rated higher, but wouldn't these cards just be again on list depending on card win rate because the community has decided by play that they are the most fitting ones?

I like your idea, but i'm not convinced what you want to accomplish. Do you want a second statistic or would you like to have a number which is the ratio of won/lost games? Later one would be something great to see at least.
MeCho on 17:47, 28. Mar, 2016
We could have 2 options of sorting

1.By pick rate

2.By win rate

And no the cards that are most played would not necessarily have high win rate although it would be somewhat among the average lines