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sq on 11:06, 18. Mar, 2016
I have always wondered why if a card "steals random resources" the resources stolen from the opponent are not the same as gained by whoever played the card (i.e. it may be that opponent loses 1b 2g 0r, and you have gained 0b 1g 2r).

Is there a way to fix this?
DPsycho on 14:31, 18. Mar, 2016
Could you provide a replay and turn number that shows this occurring? I've never observed this behavior. It should work as you suggested, where the resources lost by one are gained by the other.
sq on 07:49, 31. Mar, 2016
Sorry for taking a bit of a while to answer

Here is the link

Goblin flanker steals 2g 1r and I gain 1b1g1r

But I did notice this behaviour many times before on other occasions with all cards that steal resources
DPsycho on 15:10, 31. Mar, 2016
Huh, I don't see any reason for it, but it's just as you described.
Lord_Earthfire on 20:02, 1. Apr, 2016
I just looked the code up on goblin flanker:

if ($this->getCard($hisdata->Hand[$cardpos])->getResources('Recruits') == 0) {

The stealing of the recources is divided into two different instances of reduction and increasing, thus the gain and loss of reocurces will end up differently. Oddly that this attracted attention only at this moment, even if the card code exists since a while...