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MeCho on 14:16, 23. Feb, 2016
Wayyy too good for build decks it should cost like 25-30 Gems(im surprised you made overpowered card)
Lord_Earthfire on 16:26, 23. Feb, 2016
Well, this happens sometimes for me either ;) . I compared somewhat with sheath your swords, although this card can hit much more targets, although it can really cripple yourself either, since building decks often pack at least some far sight cards.

edit on the carD: Doubled the cost
MeCho on 11:27, 25. Feb, 2016
It might be worth to skip all far sight and most runic with this bad boy and i forgot that its even better for zero cost decks
Lord_Earthfire on 08:24, 26. Feb, 2016
Well, thats a point. The card is meant to have some backlash.

Edit ont he card: Now replace the two neighboring cards in your hand either.