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MeCho on 16:51, 9. Feb, 2016
Does anyone here play Heroes 3 ?
Zaton on 01:21, 10. Feb, 2016
MeCho on 01:27, 10. Feb, 2016
Umm sorry i dont understand i even looked up definition of the word still i cant figure out do you play or no :D
DPsycho on 01:42, 10. Feb, 2016
She meant yes.
MeCho on 10:23, 10. Feb, 2016
Cool i have made a Large map and its already in the testing phase and i am also almost done with my second map which is a medium would you like to try them out?
Zaton on 16:04, 10. Feb, 2016
MeCho on 21:19, 13. Feb, 2016
Okay first map is done and i tested it a couple of times and i hope that there are no bugs left if you usually play on Expert or Impossible i highly recommend you play EAI-Enchanted Artificial Inteligence version of the map which grant significant bonuses to the AI because he is playing even worse then usual and as for the Player difficulty option you CAN choose Expert or Impossible and still win but it can be pretty annoying for the first month or so

If you want the most humor you should play Stronghold and be sure to read the timed events and once you pick up the Shield of the Dwarven Lords

You can download the map pack versions here:

And you can find the description about it here:

I think you would have much greater fun playing it with 3 friends but if there is no possibility i still wish you GL and HF and ask you to give feedback and report any bugs you may find