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Zaton on 17:03, 30. Jan, 2016
WOW that's really really broken, man. Especially in long mode, but in general, direct targeted rare summon from a common is at that price doesn't even push boundaries, just rushes into them, head first. Please reconsider.
MeCho on 17:28, 30. Jan, 2016
Raised the condition to 75 but now its crap in short mode but im OK with it because im generally against it
Zaton on 18:40, 30. Jan, 2016
...if you are against what the card does why do you put it on the concept page?T-T
antichroust on 19:14, 30. Jan, 2016

common, 0/1/1
mage, nature
If enemy Tower>75
Summons Thor

if you want to trigger it in different modes for different tower heights then maybe:
If enemy Tower > 70% of max tower

anyway i think its too cheap for summoning Thor (or any rare even with this kind condition)... maybe uncommon -Tower card (Jealousy seems to fit quite well for this condition, but then it should be Jealous druidess :))
DPsycho on 20:12, 30. Jan, 2016
Thors Druidess, Common 1g1r
If enemy Tower>75
Summons Thor

The keywords are too valuable. If it's going to cost practically nothing, it needs to have some kind of a drawback. Yes, it will sit in your hand forever, but having Nature and Mage means it's still useful even then.

But I agree that this effect shouldn't belong to a cheap Common at all, even conditionally.
MeCho on 10:14, 31. Jan, 2016
Im not against the card im against the short mode

Since everyone is against it at its current state i suppose raising the condition to 75% of max tower might be reasonable