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MeCho on 11:36, 23. Jan, 2016
This is the iron hand of justice he is kinda like robin hood he bashes thiefs takes their money and gives back to the people all say hello to your Hero

Also he could be Bounty Hunter without the Holy keyword what do you guys think about that?
Zaton on 13:17, 23. Jan, 2016
Umm.. very, very odd?o.o In fact it makes no sense.

To begin with, Robin Hood is a thief himself. He attacked rich people, not other thieves. He didn't actually hurt them physically. He then took the money, gave some of it to the poor and kept a good part for himself and a literal king's ransom. The card is nothing like Robin Hood. Second of all, Holy and Brigand are in no opposition of each other, and a religious person who persecutes thievery with battery is the opposite of heroic.
MeCho on 19:12, 23. Jan, 2016
Hmm heroes bashing thiefs makes perfect sense to me and i didint say he is exactly like robin i said kinda like

I cant rename him to Paladin because that name is already taken :(
Zaton on 23:00, 23. Jan, 2016
MeCho wrote:
Hmm heroes bashing thiefs makes perfect sense to me

Like, sure, on the occassion... not as their whole shtick. That's Batman territory of awful heroism.