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MeCho on 12:05, 10. Jan, 2016
I have a feeling that you make under powered cards to make me comment nevertheless i will submit to you.Okay 15 Wall is worth like 7.5 resources maybe more since its not Bricks and summoning a rare is worth 15 so we would have 22.5 IF it always summoned a rare and your card costs 26 is a Demonic and only has 1/3 chance to summon a rare and now even if it summoned Dark ritual always it wouldnt be too strong because Dark ritual is by no means a strong rare and with this gem cost you couldnt play it much because you will reduce your Magic and you will be unable to pay the 29 Gems needed for both of the cards unless you dedicate your entire deck on building up Magic and Gems even though Blood sacrifice would help a lot infact it might actually work with some Tower + and Wall + Horde cards but i doubt it would be a overpowered deck

Im not sure how you should make it stronger but discarding lowest rarity card from hand would be a start and it even would make sense
Lord_Earthfire on 12:12, 10. Jan, 2016
Well, i dont make them underpowered because i want people comment on them, i like to keep them somewhat lower because i don't want the game to submit to the powercreep. Or i sometimes just oversee some cards.

Well, you got it that the gem cost was calculated in comparison to summoning scepter. That's an mistake of mine, indeed, because it will summon uncommons either. And i just saw that i made a mistake with the cost-. It should cost bricks instead of recruits.

Edit on the card: Lowered gem cost to 7. Replaced recruit with brick-cost.