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MeCho on 21:39, 30. Dec, 2015
I think it shouldnt cost more then 10 bricks even then it would net a resource benefit of maximum 5 if you played a nature where Meditation for example at similar cost would net up to 15
Zaton on 06:41, 31. Dec, 2015
Yeah, of courseo.o Petrified wood costs more since Bricks are the cheapest resource, while Gems are the most expensive. Hence why, Magical Clay and Magical Steel, which are the same card with the exception of the output, cost 5 and 6 respectively, while Meditation costs 15 to produce as much of it's own resource.
MeCho on 11:41, 31. Dec, 2015
Meditation costs 15 because you dont actually spend any resource all you have to do is have 15 gems to get some more where to get bricks or recruits you actually spend gems and to get the same amount of resources actually i think that Meditation is very good as it isnt that hard to play with the cost of 15 and will actually cost you nothing to get 10 or 15 Gems which indeed is more valuable resource than Bricks or even Recruits but even when it is very good this card is too underpowered
Zaton on 17:00, 31. Dec, 2015
You misunderstand. There is a factor of which you speak , but that's unrelated. Meditation costs PRECISELY 15, much more than the counterparts, since you don't actually spend anything, as you said. But you get 2 resources for 1, while Magical clay gives 2.5 resources for 1, and Magical steel a little below that. The card may be more expensive, but is also less efficient.
MeCho on 23:55, 31. Dec, 2015
You are talking about a net benefit while i am talking about how much resource it gives .... but thats besides the point the card should lose 3 bricks from cost atleast :)
Zaton on 08:10, 3. Jan, 2016
On one hand, I'm glad we have a friendly conversation. On the other, you acknowledged my counterargument, but then ignored it.

I will however, make the card less reliant on nature... here:3