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MeCho on 14:48, 22. Dec, 2015
Now dont get me wrong i think that the card is properly balanced but still i would like it to decrease the stock by 1 and become a common because well i think it would be nice to make conditions where you could base your strategy on it and Rainbow decks would become viable it would still remain zero cost so you could summon it via Halfing rogue
Lord_Earthfire on 10:05, 23. Dec, 2015
Well, in my eyes there's a rule of thumb: almost no common card should summon condition-less with a high chance a rare. You can play this card anytime and in about 33% of cases it summons a rare. This should not become a common anytime without a rework.
MeCho on 11:30, 23. Dec, 2015
But when was the last time you played against a deck that focuses on diffrent keywords and getting that Rainbow Dragon?I thought about that type of deck myself and i havent played a single game against it because probably its just not very viable you could take all the good cost to effect keyword cards and Mysterious egg along with some dragons,dragon bard,veteran militia and Ancient city but is it any effective or just a luck based 4fun only deck
MeCho on 01:50, 27. Mar, 2017
So i actually did made that Rainbow Dragon deck and it was surprisingly fun to play even while the results were not that great at all

Most of the cards in the deck have 2-3 keywords so the deck is all about the Rainbow Dragon.... and you (used to) get it with the Mysterious egg and let the two 8 Gem duplicators do the rest.I even had the halfing pretty much just to dupe the egg.However i soon noticed that the odds of drawing it have halved then realized that its not in the summon pool at all

In conclusion:Id like to see a quite direct Rainbow Dragon summon ......perhaps a one with Alucard ? :)