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Zaton on 16:55, 25. Oct, 2015
Yes, in Arena and Brawl the person who had more luck and happens to understand the deck they arranged wins.

That's not an improvement.

And I wished to play a stupid deck I've made, anyway, remember?

As for card-chaos/tavern brawl, the game mode exists since the designers realized they've pushed the scam too far. They needed something to mitigate their own bile, not admit they had bile while they do, and look generous all the while. Hell, they might even have planned the feature from the start once people are used to their methods, and past the time where they've accumulated the users they could from the draw of previous features, to make them seem angels of self-improvement.
Lord_Earthfire on 17:03, 25. Oct, 2015
Y, thats the same i thought when i saw the tavern brawl either.

Well, i believe we go somehow too much off-topic. You're right that you cannot play the deck you want. Thats because of that crappy money system. It doesn't mean that this isn't something for other players. We can only recommend the game with the warning to not spend any money into that game, even how much the game wants you to do it.

What i can recommend to you is still the game: elements. I believe you would like the game, because you can buy/sell cards with ingame-currency and yu can freely build your deck and its more a PvE-Game, although PVP is possible, with support in form of tournaments.

You can only donate money there, and you would get some gifts from it, which are nowhere near anything you need.
DPsycho on 19:10, 25. Oct, 2015
I've lost track of the argument here. You want to be able to play your deck, but you get upset when you feel like you have to play only one viable deck, but you want to reroll the quests to reward playing your deck and don't want to have to play decks for other classes. And you're not solely trying to climb the competitive ladder, but not playing competitively isn't enjoyable.

I get that you don't enjoy Hearthstone, Zaton. But you keep insisting that your reasons are universal, or that it's some herculean feat to not be deeply bothered by the fact that you can buy gold with real money. I'm just not seeing that. I will not warn people, as you say we must, that Hearthstone is a scam. It isn't. I have not once felt the need to pay real money to enjoy it, I have long enjoyed the game whether I am winning or losing, and I find the intensity of your grievances to be, well, alarming.

I'm not going to try to talk you into liking the game. Your reasons are justifiable. You want universal access to the complete card pool, and that's not part of their design or business model. But on the same token, you shouldn't be going to such lengths to tell people that they shouldn't enjoy the game themselves and suggest that not sharing your disdain is the same as not understanding the issues you take personally. Hearthstone isn't ruining people's lives (at least not the way Starcraft can) and we have no moral obligation to boycott them.

(Oh, and please don't take the first few lines as reason to restate your entire position again. We get it. Really.)