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Coolis on 08:55, 12. Sep, 2015
I think Mode 1 is underwhelming. Ideally, the card should be played when the tower gets below 10, and that puts the player to a big risk (considering it as a counter to -tower decks, cause against attack mode 2 is always better).
My point is that you can play it at 0 wall gaining 26 and 0-5 tower with mode 1, but can't play it at tower 0. Gaining 22 tower for 5b uncommon is very good, but very, very situational and risky.
I feel like the amounts should be reversed (wall = 18, tower = 21), and modes will become more equal in power and utility.
Zaton on 09:16, 12. Sep, 2015
Hm. Quite sensible~ I would support the change:3
Mojko on 11:49, 12. Sep, 2015
I think even changing the tower value to 21 from 18 is fine (while keeping the wall value unchanged).
MeCho on 17:28, 11. Aug, 2016
Since most decks dont directly attack Tower and the Wall will have to taken down first i think the modes should be swaped so that Mode 1 would be Wall like Defense improvment