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Coolis on 11:01, 26. Jun, 2015
My replay
Master hunter's card effect worked, the banish keyword didn't. Can someone explain why?

[Mojko: replay link edit]
Mojko on 12:09, 26. Jun, 2015
The only possible explanation is that the banish effect targeted a card that was drawn at the position of the card discarded by card effect. This mysterious card is invisible from the perspective of the game because it wasn't present at the start of the turn nor at the end of the turn.

So, it's not a bug, but rather a feature of cards that discard two cards - one by card effect and one by keyword effect.

Btw. you opponent must have drawn a rare card, so the discard target was probably a good card.
Coolis on 12:22, 26. Jun, 2015
It would be nice, if the new drawn card is displayed in the "Discarded" section. It would be less confusing.
Mojko on 13:17, 26. Jun, 2015
That would mean a complete rework of the current system. The main feature of the system is that it does not need to explicitly store discarded cards, but instead they are computed by comparing player hands before and after the turn.

So it's a trade-off - less complexity but some anomalies are included.
Mojko on 17:45, 26. Jun, 2015
After some more detailed analysis I believe it should be possible to completely replace current difference based system with log based system. This is because not too long ago I made some rather big cleanups in the card code processing system.

With the new log based system (this means that instead of computing the discarded cards, we will actually log the discard action as it happens) we will get rid of all the anomalies current system has. Which may sound good but I fear that some cards are already balanced around these anomalies.

For example hand shuffle will no longer register cards as discarded (as they were not discarded, they only changed positions).

I'm adding this task to my TODO list, it's worth checking out.
godisdead on 01:13, 27. Jun, 2015
Banish replace a card with 0 cost common card !
Lord_Earthfire on 10:18, 27. Jun, 2015
This is normal with rare banish cards. Its part of the keyword