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MeCho on 09:13, 22. Jun, 2015
I suggest that when there are more then 1 lowest facility instead of increasing it by random why not grant the priority to the one that has least resources
Zaton on 09:47, 22. Jun, 2015
Since you tend to burn through your most prominent resource even with a 4 or 5 facility to back up your needs. Such a card would cost far more than a +Lowest Facility. Lowest Facility cards are for defensive or resource accumulation decks. Used them as intended~
MeCho on 10:54, 22. Jun, 2015
what are you saying im not making a card concept im suggesting a mechanic modification
Zaton on 13:24, 22. Jun, 2015
..And I replied to the same, yes. Try to read the post again. Had you changed them, they would lose the intended purpose, and would need to be increased on cost - you would be, therefore, better off to create new cards with your own proposition in mind rather than change what already exists.
DPsycho on 18:36, 22. Jun, 2015
I agree with Zaton. There are cards that increase a specific facility, there are cards that increase highest/lowest, and there are cards that increase one at random, and these are all priced and balanced accordingly.

Cards already exist that increase the lowest one. Making it a universal rule would change the other effects drastically and would make the cards that already do this worthless (or at least improperly priced) on their own.