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MeCho on 08:55, 11. Jun, 2015
Does arcomage use PSD? i dont think so now what is a PSD? PSD is when the odds of drawing a uncommon or rare cards increases as your streak of failure increases and like wise the odds decreases as you draw more and more rares and uncommons
Mojko on 15:00, 11. Jun, 2015
No, each random draw is isolated. We use random function mt_rand().
DPsycho on 01:47, 12. Jun, 2015
Though it should be noted that (as I understand it), the system performs a check during the random draw. If the resulting card is already in hand, there is a percent chance (that increases with multiple occurrences) that the system will redo the random draw. So if you draw a card and you already have one or more of it, the system will perform a roll to see whether it should draw again.

(Please correct me if I'm misinformed...)
Mojko on 05:36, 12. Jun, 2015
It's true, but the draw is still isolated (we don't modify the random function seeds, we simply redraw at some specific situations to prevent stacking of multiple identical cards in your hand).