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Sorlag on 15:28, 30. Apr, 2015
I played that card and 2 rare Titan cards was discarded.
But there was 90 points of damage.
DPsycho on 18:02, 30. Apr, 2015
The card text reads: N = #unique discarded cards

You discarded three unique Titan cards: Left arm, Head, and Completion. The two copies of Completion Ritual only count as one, and the other two also count individually. As such, N=3 and the effect deals 90 damage.

(The rarity of the discarded doesn't matter, just the number of different ones.)
Sorlag on 20:11, 30. Apr, 2015
Oops! I've misreaded card effect all that time.
Kenaz on 00:03, 1. May, 2015
Sorlag wrote:
Oops! I've misreaded card effect all that time.

I still find this for some cards, much to my own shame...

Luckily the other players here are very patient and can put up with my confusion!