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DPsycho on 19:27, 7. Jan, 2015
While reading a lengthy card concept just now, I tried to think of ways to reduce text and have a proposal to make. Right now, there are a number of cards that include the mechanic/phrase "replace cards in hand with cards from your deck" with various other stipulations. I suggest using the term "redraw" to describe this behavior and noting it in the game's manual.

Here are some examples of how current text would change:

Cheshire: "Replace other rare cards in hand with rare cards from your deck" becomes "Redraw other rare cards in hand with rare"

Dream shift: "Replace your hand with cards from your deck of the same rarity as replaced cards" becomes "Redraw your hand with same rarity"

Magic portal: "Replace a card in hand with uncommon card from your deck" becomes "Redraw a card in hand with Uncommon"

Scepter of evolution: "Replace your hand with 4 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare from your deck" becomes "Redraw your hand with 4 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare"

Veteran militia: "Replace a card in hand with a card from your deck of the same rarity (can't summon self)" becomes "Redraw a card in hand with same rarity (can't summon self)"

Cards that summon a specified rarity from your deck would be unchanged as they lack the discarding element. The cards Confusion, Intrigue, and Kitsune would not change as they do not use the mechanic as described (by targeting the opponent's cards).

Adding new terminology may be confusing for new players, so that's one drawback. Also, "from your deck" is currently the stated exception, with no mention of it meaning from the entire card pool, so keeping the current terminology is good for uniformity. But it would help abbreviate some text that is used a lot throughout the game and the concepts. I just wonder what others' opinions are.
Mojko on 21:12, 7. Jan, 2015
Well, I think it's practical to shorten the card text, but I don't know if mentioning the effect in the game manual is enough. My idea is to allow cards to have a full description as well as short description. The latter will be displayed as it now currently and the detailed description would be displayed by some user action (for example if you click on the card it would expand the description).

The tricky part is to design the user manipulation correctly, because it has to be intuitive, but must not be in conflict with other game actions. Right now both left cursor click and cursor hover are already taken.
Zaton on 04:57, 31. Jan, 2015
I'd love the change~ Would 'redraw xy cards into your hand' and 'redraw your hand for 4 commons etc' not be more correct, as far as grammar is concerned?
DPsycho on 13:48, 31. Jan, 2015
It depends on the situation. Most of the existing effects focus on which cards in hand are discarded and less on what's replacing them. But yes, for would be more appropriate in some cases. Or simply "redraw same rarity" without a with or a for.