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antichroust on 22:17, 2. Jan, 2019
Happy new year to you all :)
stay positive and accept new challenges...
...not only challenges of this game :)

by the way, thanks for this game and its community
sillenia on 07:32, 1. Jan, 2020
happy new year, everyone :) (yes, it's time again ;) )
wish you guys lots of success and iron health
Mojko on 22:47, 2. Jan, 2020
Happy New Year!
Djinn on 22:35, 4. Jan, 2020
A reminder for the new year:
Resolutions are things made step by step, one manageable portion at a time, at a pace you can maintain, rather than all at once... like bricks laid one at a time instead of an avalanche, or like many careful chisel cuts rather than a single hammer blow. Whatever you're planning on doing, whatever you want to change in the world or yourself, you can do it if you only focus, and care for yourself along the way.

No great wonder of the world was built on guilt and recriminations; those are fine for tearing yourself down, but for moving on you must clear your foundation and build yourself up.

(Also, a discovery of mine, resolutions are far easier to keep up if you start them before the holidays, when you're first getting a break and have plenty of spare willpower to get them rolling! Afterwards, everyone is all tired out and thinking about going back to work, and that isn't really ideal habit making/breaking conditions!)

Happy New Years! =}
sillenia on 10:06, 5. Jan, 2020
good points you are making :)
sillenia on 23:16, 31. Dec, 2020
happy new year, everyone!

i think it can only get better ... :)
Djinn on 23:39, 31. Dec, 2020
Happy new year, everyone. I'm not much for celebrations, but my resolutions from last year are all still intact, and I think I know the right one to add for this year.
Mojko on 16:51, 1. Jan, 2021
Happy new year! Hopefully, 2021 will be better :D