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Djinn on 13:04, 25. Dec, 2014
At first I thought all filters were broken, but then I checked the version using javascript and that still works. (Is support for less fancy pages ending?)
Mojko on 13:26, 25. Dec, 2014
I don't understand what you mean. Please provide us with more detailed description of the issue.
Djinn on 13:47, 25. Dec, 2014
Tested more thoroughly [not a script problem!]; previously when a string which matched no cards was entered into the search, no cards would be shown, but instead they all are-- when I was first testing, I had simply typed "gd" into that search and applied it so that I would not need to spend 15 seconds or so loading all the card images (wanting to just look at the deck), and when that didn't work, I tried selecting for common, various keywords, date, and so on, each of which being completely overridden by the ~'reverse search in case of no match'. Then I had switched to the java version, and had gone straight to checking rarity and keyword filters without first trying "gd" to cancel image loading.

It's actually a minor behavior issue; I can use the stranger filters to get mostly the same effect.
Mojko on 14:08, 25. Dec, 2014
Well, why don't you just use the "Hide card pool" setting?
Sorlag on 17:08, 25. Dec, 2014
Mojko wrote:
why don't you just use the "Hide card pool" setting?

I use that setting, but when I open deck, it feels like loadind continues too long anyway, so I use filtration (like flare attack, at least, I used that keyword until now).
Mojko on 17:59, 25. Dec, 2014
It's a bug. It seems that if filter doesn't match any cards it will return all the cards.
Djinn on 18:06, 25. Dec, 2014
To second Sorlag-- and I mentioned this to ultramage before-- when you select the 'hide card pool' option, all the images and text for all the cards still get loaded just as though you hadn't. Since the current deck gets loaded last, this means long wait times for checking your decks or doing any editing. (The filter on the other hand does indeed keep cards from loading, removing that wait time.)
Mojko on 19:49, 25. Dec, 2014
I wonder if we shouldn't setup some default filters to lower card pool size. Originally card rarity filter was set to "Common", thus lowering card pool size. I could set it, for example, to show the most recently added cards, or recently modified.
Mojko on 07:36, 26. Dec, 2014
The issue should be fixed now (it works the same way as before).
Mojko on 07:56, 26. Dec, 2014
Here is my solution to the loading problem:

- players in tutorial are given no filters pre-selected to avoid confusion (they are limited by card level anyway)
- all other players are given created filter set to most recent batch of new cards to prevent unnecessary card image loading

Additionally, I would like to add description to the card filters.
Djinn on 14:55, 26. Dec, 2014
Fix confirmed, and that does sound nice.