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Djinn on 15:25, 20. Dec, 2014
If both players are in the mood to surrender because the game will be annoying or sad, is there a way to just cancel it? Not sure if trying to surrender at the same time works.
DPsycho on 15:28, 20. Dec, 2014
Like having an additional option similar to Surrender, but to propose that you both "Abandon" the match with no win/loss recorded but draw instead? Or perhaps call it "Propose Draw" or "Stalemate" or such?

I don't think such an option exists presently, but it might not be a bad idea.
Djinn on 15:45, 20. Dec, 2014
I hadn't really had use for such an option before, but a newbie entered one of my games against my resource crushing deck, and I neither wanted to spend all that time slowly winning, and of course they didn't want to spend a bunch of time discarding everything.
dimitris on 08:33, 21. Dec, 2014
Why not just surrender? :D
Djinn on 09:16, 21. Dec, 2014
Because statistics on wins/losses are recorded; don't want those to get skewed by broken games.