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Sorlag on 07:16, 16. Dec, 2014
I thought about option for the full deck builded against certain AI so one do not get it as random on regular games. Now it seems that the only way to deal with such deck is to exclude one card from it.
Fithz Hood on 10:18, 16. Dec, 2014
yeah, it's the main reason that keeps me away from challenges.

for each deck an option like this:

experimental[] (if checked/clicked the deck can't be random picked)<--tooltip

DPsycho on 06:15, 17. Dec, 2014
We've discussed this before, and it remains an issue.

My proposal was to do the opposite, have an option to mark a deck as a valid choice for random and have them not appear by default.
GreatEmerald on 22:16, 19. Dec, 2014
How about the opposite, making AI challenge decks good in random games as well? ;)
Djinn on 01:00, 20. Dec, 2014
I think you might have a slight misunderstanding GreatEmerald; I'm pretty sure they're talking about how a good deck to use against the challenge AIs is drastically different from a good deck to use against other players, so they do not want it selected when they choose "random deck" against another player. Currently the method of making this happen is to remove a single card from the deck, taking it off all the lists.
GreatEmerald on 10:33, 20. Dec, 2014
I know that. My idea is to make it so that they *wouldn't* be drastically different. Of course, that would probably require some changes to the AI challenges...