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Kenaz on 23:12, 2. Dec, 2014
This is the fastest I ever lost and when I see what cards he actually drew there's no surprises as to why. My luck could not have been worse/his luck could not have been better.

I know it's all random but... damn.
Djinn on 01:07, 3. Dec, 2014
So far as assassination victories go, it was pretty quick, but I'm pretty sure your deck has worse draws and his has better. You raised my hopes for a game-end on turn 3-7!
Coolis on 12:38, 3. Dec, 2014
Yeah, 3 rares in first 4 turns that was pretty lucky... But as you can see i'm trying to increase my chcances by playing militia, aria, hand discarders, etc.
dimitris on 13:29, 3. Dec, 2014
It was not the 3 rares.
It was the 1 good rare, in this case Avenging Angel :)