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Djinn on 06:03, 6. Aug, 2014
What sort of deck does this card favour? A reason it's unused is because other people might be having as much trouble visualizing that deck as I am.
dimitris on 07:24, 6. Aug, 2014

Decent discarder, almost as good as Samurai.
dimitris on 15:46, 7. Aug, 2015
This card is now completely inbalanced in comparison with Samurai. You can discard two cards from your opponent's hand (lowest cost does not mean much, there are rares that cost less than commons) and Samurai is far more limited/targeted (keyword non-Durable cards).

I think it should be de-buffed by increasing its cost to 7 gems. Otherwise Samurai should be buffed in order to be balanced.
Mojko on 20:13, 7. Aug, 2015
Perhaps it should replace highest and lowest cost cards from opponent's hand with cards of lower rarity. Samurai buff also sounds reasonable.
dimitris on 20:55, 7. Aug, 2015
But that would make the card even more powerful no?

Could be made with modes:

Discard lowest cost
Discard highest cost

and raise the card cost to 2-3 gems.

Otherwise if you'd choose to buff Samurai, I could propose one of 3 things:

a. give it Far Sight keyword
b. give it Swift keyword. A Samurai is a master swordsman, so he must be swift right? :)
c. force the opponent to not draw rare.
Mojko on 07:22, 27. Aug, 2015
How about replacing highest and lowest cost cards from opponent's hand with uncommon cards from your deck? I would like this card to have a unique discarding effect.
Sorlag on 14:26, 27. Aug, 2015
Who wants to give opponent two uncommon cards?
I think that the card then will be less desired.
Lord_Earthfire on 07:06, 29. Aug, 2015
Thats exactly the point. It makes the card a build around. When you play the priestess in a zero cost deck, the card is still very good. Elin other decks, Samurai ia better. It would balance things out and would turn moon priestess from just-another-discarder into an interesting card
Efreet on 13:42, 13. Sep, 2022
This card is broken strong and it pretty much obsoletes Samurai