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Djinn on 13:58, 10. Jun, 2014
Just a piece of honest conversation; the introduction to a more solid idea.

Coolis on 06:06, 10. Jun, 2014
_What is the game after those years, better or worse?
Djinn on 06:08, 10. Jun, 2014
_The basic system seems just about the same; what's changed the most are the level system (which didn't exist), lots of nitch/balance details, and the manual (which is now much longer).
Djinn on 06:09, 10. Jun, 2014
_Although, I guess I really should explore more thoroughly; I've only been on the site for about 40 minutes, but those are the things that came to mind most easily.
Djinn on 06:11, 10. Jun, 2014
_Also, I generally put distinctions such as "better" and "worse" at high levels of evidence; I can point out what's different, but until I figure out precisely /how/ it's different, I'm not willing to critizise or praise it.
Djinn on 06:12, 10. Jun, 2014
_And most of the things it's easy to do that with are also not really big enough to mention.
Djinn on 06:12, 10. Jun, 2014
_(Like how I guess it's nice I can leave notes for myself now?)
Coolis on 06:13, 10. Jun, 2014
_I wish they change the interface to more smart-phone friendly one
Coolis on 06:14, 10. Jun, 2014
_It's a nice niche they could fill
Djinn on 06:34, 10. Jun, 2014
_I wonder how much the word "they" applies. The few bugs I looked at and activity I saw were by Mojko. Does Mojko know how to do smart-phone stuff? Like, does he even have a smartphone to test stuff on?
Djinn on 06:47, 10. Jun, 2014
_Checking, I think this is the sort of suggestion that could go in "development"; are you ok with me just copy-pasting this conversation to a new thread there?
Coolis on 06:49, 10. Jun, 2014
_ok, np
Coolis on 06:50, 10. Jun, 2014
_i know the guy called theultramage does some coding
Coolis on 06:53, 10. Jun, 2014
_i play arcomage on my smartphone, but some buttons may be biggger
Mojko on 15:18, 10. Jun, 2014
I don't have a smartphone and I have no experience in developing apps for smartphones. Lately, I had little time to actually do stuff on this project :(
Djinn on 15:21, 10. Jun, 2014
That's ok; if enough people come here hoping for a smartphone version, they can crowdfund you a smartphone and recommend you tutorials.

Although, Coolis' suggestion of larger buttons seems like an ok idea; you can detect smartphones like you can various operating systems, and switch to hugebuttons automatically.
Coolis on 17:39, 10. Jun, 2014
Actually I play arcomage on smartphone using my browser and it's quite doable. The size of buttons and text are the main problems. Another is delayed reaction of right-click (may be an engine limitation).
The matter of smartphone app may be worth a look though. I think it is great way to reach new players but it may need crowdfunding as said before.