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sillenia on 22:03, 2. Jun, 2014
i would think that some longer play timeouts would be a great adition to the game - i normaly do not care for timeouts at all, but say something like 10 days or a week even would ensure that i put no time pressure on my opponent but still am able to finish games of inactive opponents sooner ...

i suggest this, because some of my games are constantly blocked by some incative players and with time this is starting to get annoying
i think the feature would be rather easy to integrate :)
DPsycho on 02:06, 3. Jun, 2014
You'd rather take one turn every 7-10 days and have it last several months than to be able to abort it after 21? Remember, the timeout doesn't turn it into a completely AI-controlled game. The timeout resets every time a turn is taken.
sillenia on 06:34, 3. Jun, 2014
well, that it has a 10 days timeout does not mean it will take my opponent 10 days to move
i play all my games without timeout and it does not take my opponents forever to play :P

it means that i will be able to kill the game, if someone has not moved for over 10 days, which is a great improvement to the sitaution now
DPsycho on 18:45, 3. Jun, 2014
Ah, so you're not actually discussing timed games. You want a shorter period before the game allows you to abort.
sillenia on 19:05, 3. Jun, 2014
well, i would like to be able to start games, in which people have to move at least once a week, so i guess it is timed games i talk about