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Mojko on 08:01, 30. Mar, 2014
Balance changes preview is ready.

Change log:

Baku - card drawing corrected, now draws cards from opponent's deck with equal probabilities regardless of card rarity
Harvest fairy - now replaces neighbouring cards instead of selected card, recruits cost increased to 2 from 1
Heresy - now replaces non-Frenzy cards instead of non-Holy cards
Mountain unicorn - attack lowered to 20 from 30
Northern mountains - both wall gains lowered to 10 from 15
Rock biter - renamed from Earth eater

Other changes:

- next game list now does not include games where current player has an outgoing surrender request
- next game list now always includes all AI games regardless of their current state

Feedback is appreciated ;-)
NG_Beholder on 13:01, 30. Mar, 2014
It's fine, but what about Harvest fairy and Heresy changes? These cards need something to be useful.
Mojko on 15:14, 30. Mar, 2014
Added Harvest fairy and Heresy changes. I got these in my notes as well, but for some reason they were not with other card changes but were hidden under features notes.
Fithz Hood on 09:35, 1. Apr, 2014
I've played few games during these months, is Demonicdoing fine?
Does it need to be nerfed/buffed in the Easter update?
Mojko on 08:39, 3. Apr, 2014
Demonic has actually too few cards to be properly analyzed, but I will be adding more in future updates.
NG_Beholder on 14:46, 8. Apr, 2014
Also, Shapeshifter and Rejuvenation could get some cost decrease, I guess. 4-5G for Shapeshifter, 6G for Rejuvenation.