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MeCho on 13:55, 23. Feb, 2014
I noticed that there are only 3 pages of players in the Players section are inactive users deleted?The community is too small its hard to find active quick games with similar level players i think the problem is that new players have probably wandered here by pure accident or were redirected here by someone you dont even find this site on google if you type macromage it has to be acromage me for example i was redirected by a random guy while discussing a problem of a TBS game in multiplayer
Spoon on 20:58, 4. Mar, 2014
I don't really find it to be a problem, to be honest. If anything, it's nice to have a consistent core of players you know, as opposed to the "endless, faceless mass" that seems to be all the rage these days.
DPsycho on 04:26, 5. Mar, 2014
There was a long while that we were getting a lot of new players who would disappear forever after a week. Made it rather annoying to have five games going where the person hasn't logged in in a week and it'll be another two before you can abort the match.

I'll take the consistent players over that mess any day.
theultramage on 09:57, 11. Mar, 2014
You can mess with the player filter a bit to get a guess at the statistics. Right now,

"active and offline" shows 2 pages = ~75 players that have logged in this week.
"no activity filter" shows 3 pages = ~120 players that have logged in in the last 3 weeks.
"show all players" shows 44 pages = ~2200 accounts that have played at least 1 game since MArcomage started.

And yeah once in a while I run our maintenance scripts to delete unused accounts and old replays with no views. The replay headers stay though. For fun I ran a query on the replays table to count the number of games finished per month and then graphed it. The value is pretty consistent, around 4000-5000 games finished per month over the last 4 years.
Myschly on 12:25, 20. Apr, 2014
I hear you on the search engine optimization, while I 100% agree with Spoons statement about the nightmare that was half a list of games you were waiting to abort, the community could grow a little. I don't desire a community with 10,000 players, but say 150 people logging in once a week? I'm not always the most active player, as I usually play on my break at work, and at home varies between nothing in a week to several hours.

Since I started playing Skyrim Arcomage on the tablet is simply perfect, every load-time = 1 or 2 rounds played. When I have no games the load-times are brutally boring :(