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MeCho on 18:29, 22. Feb, 2014
When i say it turns ALL Holy and Alliance i do mean your and opponents but you only lose stock 1for enemy cards converted
Lord_Earthfire on 16:16, 23. Feb, 2014
On the one hand, i would greatly like to see the card renamed into something which does not contain something from another game (We had some copyright-issues in the past, and it should be considered that we don't want to have any trouble with lifless laywers that seek upon a small independent card game... although archimonde is just awesome xD)

And on the next point, better use images which are no arts from other games (like invoker is a blood mage for example) because of this...

On the other hand, the card just have too much text for some quite random effects. On the other hand, "turns" is worded "replace any" for amtching with other cards... This clarifies the card way better...
I would change the text from:

Attack: 32
Turns all Holy and Alliance cards into Demonic of the Same rarity lose 1 Stock per enemy Card converted
Highest facility -1
Enemy Highest Facility -1


Attack: 32
Replace any Holy and Alliance cards in game with Demonic of the same rarity Stock: -N
N: #replaced enemy cards
Highest facility -1
Enemy Highest Facility -1

third: Is the facility reduction really needed? It just crushes your enemy tactic far enough, so the facility reduction is almost obsolete, even for both players... The pure power of the attack and the replacement just makes it cope with rares for the cost, so i wouldn't mind removing this effecs and increasing its cost. (On the other hand, it would drastically reduce the card text, which is too much, sometimes its better for a card to do less than to do too much...)

It's not that the main concept is bad (In fact, i really like the idea of replacing holy and alliance cards), but the whole amount of effects makes this card look messy and just overshadows the good concept itself...
MeCho on 18:01, 23. Feb, 2014
Your text suggested actualy taken MORE space which is already precious as for Facility cmon its the Defiler it has to great against Alliance but backfires a bit too since its costs as you said is a quite high and that also means you are likely to draw before you can use it think Curse for Facility stays unless we REALLY need to reduce text space and besides there are guarantees that they will use Alliance or Holy deck and if they will with the cost its likely to get a Cursed Amulet therefore Archimonde for now stays at it is

as for copyrights even though Blizzard is a brick company they lost copyright war to Volvo Dota 2 and unless legal workers butt is burning and really has to show thats they are working Blizzard couldnt care less about some small non-profit underground car game

Oh my how Jebus seems to have given you quite a lot of hands i see ;D

DPsycho on 18:32, 23. Feb, 2014
MeCho, you can argue and make assumptions on Activision Blizzard's behalf, but we're still not going to green light a card based on another game's copyrighted material. Particularly a game that has its own CCG for sale.

You don't have to listen, but if you're hoping to have your ideas added to the game, you need to accept that there are limitations on text length, uniform terminology, and where the line is drawn between homage and unlicensed use. Other players aren't scrutinizing your submissions to stand in your way, but rather to help them through the door.
MeCho on 19:20, 23. Feb, 2014
And how do i know how much text is too much?There i reduced the text to 9 lines just like Reunion of the tribes

Cant we name him Archdemon the Defiler and thats it or do i have to look for equally bad ass demonic humanoid lizard as well ?
MeCho on 17:25, 21. Oct, 2018
This was one of my first concepts and It took about a 1 hour to remake it and i think its one of my best concepts yet.looking forward to some feedback

I tried to make the card effect description more compact but had no success

Previous concept:

0B 12G 18R


Attack: 34
Turns all Holy and Alliance cards into Demonic of the Same rarity
Your and opponent
Highest facility -1