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MeCho on 22:13, 21. Feb, 2014
The title says it all i always struggle with space on these small decks especially in uncommon section atleast 4 aditional slots would allow for more varied and interesting experience
Mojko on 06:30, 22. Feb, 2014
Actually, you wouldn't want to do that, because of the random draws. The bigger the deck, the lower are the chances to draw one specific card.
MeCho on 09:56, 22. Feb, 2014
and random draws are fun even though these are pseudo random because you CHOSE the card and for almost whatever strategy your using its almost always attractive at least for me to pick some situational cards maybe if i had more space i would include additional redraw cards for example. Seriously these are not normal cards the card diversity is a lot bigger but the deck size is the same 48 cards the deck size should be adjusted accordingly

How about the minimum cards per section stay the same but those who want can add more cards ?
DPsycho on 18:23, 22. Feb, 2014
I foresee too many unintended consequences doing something like that. Imagine if you could choose a low number, like three for each level, so you guarantee you start off with six inexpensive Quick cards on hand. That may be extreme, but believe it or not, there was once a bug that allowed for it. Or imagine that you know that summoning a Rare will give you one of three cards that do the same thing for similar cost. Imagine Horde and Frenzy when you can adjust your deck size so every card will always neighbor the same keyword. I would not want to have the task of balancing the game in this situation. (And yes, I know I'm only looking in the opposite direction of what you suggest, but it's easier to think in smaller terms. Considerably large deck sizes can have problems we can't adequately predict.)

I would also worry that allowing the player to alter the deck size would create entirely different and new UI bugs.

There needs to be a set deck size. I would suggest petitioning for a different size than the current 15/15/15 and make a strong case for it. It's true that we have many, many more cards than we did last decade when the game began. Maybe 15 is too restrictive (though my opinion is that it's fine and needs no adjustment). Whatever is done, I feel it should be done across the board without exception rather than something the player can fluidly alter.
MeCho on 19:13, 22. Feb, 2014
Well common cards can become a nuisance and become quite obsolete as the game extends and rare cards are as their name suggests really rare and unreliable already with as much as we can and MUST pick but some more uncommon slots would be really appreciated
Lord_Earthfire on 15:59, 23. Feb, 2014
Well, considering your argument, you would turn your uncommons more unreliable because you add more uncommons to the pool. Since the rarity of the cards is calculated before the card pool itself is touched you have always the same probability for the raritys. adding more uncommons to that pool would reduce the probability for drawing the card that really fits into your strategy, turning your uncommon pool into an inconsistent pool either.

And by the way, if the common pool is build right, it features around the whole game the most consistent draws. That means that you really need to find out which commons you need or how to get rid of commons you don't need.

(For example, wish is a great common to have in many decks which don't rely on hand construction, like dragon or titan decks so, because it can refresh your hand to get the commons and uncommons for the tactic you need... On the other hand, having many keyword cards in a keyword based strategy is good, because then your uncommon and rare pool don't need to waste too many slots for keyword cards to fuel the keyword. A dragon/alliance hybrid deck of mine for example makes great use of it)
So, commons are the backbone of every deck, else the games would only turn into goodstuff-battles...

And, to add tot he discussion, i could bring up this artical (It is a MTG article, but the same can be said for arcomage, although you need to look at each rarity seperatly then):
MeCho on 17:12, 23. Feb, 2014
Well even with quite a bit of Mage i have no space for a card as awesome as Ice Queen and id like to add atleast one Skirmisher but yet again i have no space!Anyway drawing more varied would be fun i got this game going on right now where my first 4 turns are Oasis you could say that more varied cards means less strategy but thats only partly true and besides cards are chaotic and random by nature
Spoon on 17:20, 12. Mar, 2014
The girls always tell me it's not the size of your deck but how you use it.

...I'll get me coat.