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Fithz Hood on 11:35, 18. Jan, 2014
here it is: my anti-Demetrios deck.
the match is quite long, just look at the final turn too see its effectiveness
dmtripper on 17:45, 18. Jan, 2014
Very nice. Plague was very effective at killing his resources. I was amazed at how many resources you were able to collect by the end. Your victory could have gone in any direction by the end. Also, good job at keeping his banishing card under control. In my deck I usually have to hold the cursed amulet for his rares. But he never really had a chance to play them against you!
Fithz Hood on 18:03, 18. Jan, 2014
Plague was really a good idea indeed so I've added also death profet.
Seeing how many recruits I saved I've added catapult.
the only real treath is Water elemental in the second fase of the game (first fase: create a good defense, second fase: look for ninja and pluges, third fase: total domination)
GreatEmerald on 15:56, 2. Sep, 2014
Nice, although it would have hurt quite a bit if the AI had decided to use the all-elemental attack. The start was fairly rough too, getting slapped around a bit with a large whale apparently hurts :) The AI overall did some really odd things, like playing wall cards when having full wall, and discarding some perfectly good cards...
Good old Ninja. Although I was hoping you could Avatar yourself a Damnation for that last 20 damage, but oh well.
Djinn on 23:25, 2. Sep, 2014
No mention of win-ratio? Is it over 50%?
Fithz Hood on 10:50, 4. Sep, 2014
Ah, I've deleted the deck (against normal players it was the most boring deck ever) so I can't give you the correct ratio, but I think it was almost 50%