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dmtripper on 23:33, 17. Jan, 2014
So this is my second victory against Cpt Demetrios with a new deck i built just for him. The idea behind the deck is that I can attack his tower mostly with recruits cost cards (he seems to attack dungeons less so than the other facilities). I let his wall go up as much as possible so I am able to make better use of Northern scout to fix my own wall and replenish recruits. But as much as I try and as close as I have come on several occasions I just can't seem to win without drawing Ninja!

I think Ninja is necessary but not sufficient for victory here. It is usually banished pretty quickly, but I have never won without drawing it. I think best change I recently made to this deck, however, is making all the rare cards zero cost (the replay doesn't really demonstrate this). I think there are two benefits here: 1) his far sight cards are less likely to get a bonus and 2) he is more likely to send Cursed amulet right back when you are holding a rare (he usually won't send it back if your rares cost much more than your resources. This second part is really important, I think. His regular cards don't do much damage. But his rares will end the game quickly. If you can keep Cursed amulet coming back to your hand you have a much better chance of surviving.

When it comes down to it I think beating this guy is at least 50% luck. If he draws a rare after playing Poison frog its game over
Fithz Hood on 23:50, 17. Jan, 2014
nice strategy.
anyway it should be impossible to draw a rare after a quick (unless the Aria bonus is triggered)

You did pretty well using only ninja, I probably would focus the deck entirly on it:
second chance, auxilia, wish, dark flame and pegasus to draw it as quickly as possible, halfling rouge to duplicate it and some uncommon and rare durable to protect it from banish. also mediator and black market could be useful. with so many zero cost you may want to add also moon shrine.
with a wise choice of your rares also confusion could fit well (wouldn't it be lovely if he use whallala?)

oh well. I'm gonna make this deck.
Quincunx on 03:14, 18. Jan, 2014
Yep, that's pretty similar to the strategy I was using against him. Cursed amulet is a nice addition though, I like it!
dmtripper on 17:27, 18. Jan, 2014
I think adding some more durable cards to protect it is a great idea. Also, I never thought about Halfling rogue. That card is perfect!