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Mojko on 22:48, 15. Jul, 2008
New players need 3 default starter decks. Because there are many various options how to construct such decks I open a contest. You don't need to specify all 45 cards of the deck, just an idea or some cards that should be in should suffice. Also default names for these decks should be specified.
Exterminans on 13:05, 16. Jul, 2008
i think before somebody actuelly make such decks, that we should wait until the update is done
Fithz Hood on 10:44, 17. Jul, 2008
3 decks? we can make them based on the 3 resources. the first could be a brick deck (aiming for a tower victory) with cards like master bricklayer, bricks overproduction, conjure bricks, dwarven warriors, ispiration and obviously tons of tower building cards. The second one will be a gems deck with apprentice, meditation, the elves that give gems, pegasus, the unicorns and the mages. the last one will be a recruits deck with legendary blacksmith, magic steel, avenger, battering ram some barbarians and some charge cards. I think they are good decks but not so good, just as a starter deck might be. But maybe for a newbie is better to have a balanced deck what do you think?
Sylonus on 23:52, 18. Jul, 2008
Starter Pack Attack


Battering Ram, Elite Orc, Dwarven Miners, Bronze Golem, Dragon Whelp, Dire Wolves, Magnetic Whirlpool, Skeleton Warriors, Wind, Erosion, Gate, Forest Hunter, Knight, Centaur Patrol Troop, Wisp.


Vampire, Foundry, Valkyrie, Iron Goelm, Invisible Squad, Hectic Offensive, Locust Swarm, Light Cavalry, Army of Volunteers, Balistae, Sorceress, Pegasus, Mercenaries, Legendary Smith, Work Overtime.


Crimson Hawk, Daemon, White Crocodile, Highlander, Trebuchet, Ether Dragon, Beast Mistress, Manticore, Tyran's Pride, Storm of Bricks, General's Army, Stronghold, Green Dragon, Efreet, Genie.
JimmyMethod on 15:51, 2. Aug, 2008
The three decks should expose new players to three strategies for game winning.

-fast hitting, low cost decks heavy in Undead cards,
-resource deprivation decks with card sniping (Intrigue, Black Market, etc.) and damage-to-resource cards (Pirates, Brigand, etc.)
-tower victory and facility manipulation
amaster on 03:35, 4. Aug, 2008
I don't give a specific/exact combination of the card decks first. Instead I want to talk about what good starter decks should be:
- Never industry-standard/top-quality deck. It's meant to be learner's / beginner's deck only. Don't take the fun of deck building away!!
- Decks should contain various styles/kinds of cards (eg summoning cards, conditional cards, mutually affected cards, supportive cards etc.), so newcomers can get a better feel of the game.

Now what kinds of starter decks we should make? There are two of them: strategy-based or theme-based. Strategy-based would be defensive, offensive play style etc. Theme-based would be undead, unliving, beast-based card decks.

We should build strategy-based card decks and there are few typical to build. Let the players explore the theme-based card decks. There are too many themes anyway. We can use forums to tell newcomers or game tips/articles to tell them more about theme card decks.
--- too short! Reach limits. :(
amaster on 03:39, 4. Aug, 2008
Generally we have the following play styles/ strategies:
- Constructor **
- Tower Killer (bypassing walls) *
- Destructor (walls -> towers) **
- Balancer (both construction and destruction) **
- Resource Accumulator
- Titan Collector

If we are limited to 3, pick the **. Otherwise consider the * too. Resource accumulation and Titan are very specific victories, hard to master; so unsuitable for starter decks.

The names are those provided above.

You may also pick one theme, as a typical example, to see how theme-based deck can be played. One sample is enough.

I think you have a good idea on how to build the above strategy-based card decks, so I don't need to provide further suggestions. Remember don't make the starter decks too strong. Actually it should be at most moderate or average but no higher. So the decks are no brainers for experienced player and designer like you. :D
garbageonly on 02:46, 6. Aug, 2008
I was going to make a starter deck after the update, but with the new keyword function making a starter deck will be trickier...
Shootenanny on 18:06, 6. Aug, 2008
Why is a starter deck even necessery? You may already finish a deck of randomly chosen cards - and beginners may just learn from that + the forum. I don't see the point of a starter deck.
amaster on 18:21, 6. Aug, 2008
Why is a starter deck even necessary?

There is a thread which discussed it. In short a random deck will give a deck which doesn't make sense (eg a card dependent on burning but you don't have any other burning cards).

It's why other TCG will offer starter deck for new players to get a better feeling of their card game.
Progressor on 18:22, 6. Aug, 2008
There has to be a challenge in deck building for newbies, so I'd make the starter decks not based on keywords, but just give it more attack cards for offensive style (A), more build cards for constructive style(B). Both with a minimum of 6 common (definitely Basic wall & Guard tower)) and 2 uncommon build cards (helps them stay alive), all containing the uncommon mixed Facility +1 and the Quarry +1 for (B) and Dungeon +1 for (A).
garbageonly on 21:12, 6. Aug, 2008
Deck: The Zoo (or someone else provide a name)
Theme: Offensive deck with Beast keyword with simple destruction

All common Beast 7 cards
Basic Wall,Wind,Militia,Lookout Tower,Preparation,Erosion,Corrosion,Magnetic Whirlpool

All Beast cards except Imperial Griffin,Keeper of Souls = 5 cards
Magical Steel,Work Overtime,Stilshrine of Miriam,Foundry,Hidden Traps,Cold Arrow,Mage,Overpower,Beastiary,Magic fountain

All Beast except Beastmaster = 5 cards
Archmage, Elven Reinforcement,Stronghold,Genie,Bone Dragon,Dark Knight,Demon,Prince of Thieves,Valhalla,Order of White Lotus
amaster on 23:59, 6. Aug, 2008
Creating theme deck is easy. Generally I suggest putting all cards of the same theme (keyword) into the deck *without any selection*. Why? It's a starter deck only. We shouldn't decide which keyword card is good/bad. This will take out the fun of the game - deck building.

Some basic tower/wall cards are necessary to keep yourself safe. Different starter decks should try to use different tower/wall cards. We want starters to see more and experience more. Don't simply use cards which you think the best.

You may casually pick the rest of the cards to fill in the slots. Of course they should match the nature of the theme (eg destructive/aggressive cards for undeads, supportive cards for unliving)
Mojko on 19:51, 10. Sep, 2008
Three starter decks added. From now on new players will start with these three pre-built decks. Changes should be applied soon.
garbageonly on 16:31, 11. Sep, 2008
Any chance that we, the existing players to see/use the starter deck without making a new account?
Mojko on 16:39, 11. Sep, 2008
Well, I can list all three deck in forum, but please don't spam by creating many new accounts just to see what starter deck do we have.
Mojko on 10:27, 16. Sep, 2008
So here are the starter decks I added recently (sorry for the delay but I had a lot of work).

Deck 1:

Common: Battering ram, Elite orc, Dwarven miners, Bronze golem, Dragon whelp, Dire wolves, Magnetic whirpool, Skeleton warriors, Wind, Erosion, Gate, Forest hunter, Knight, Centaur patrol troop, Wisp

Uncommon: Vampire, Foundry, Valkyrie, Iron Golem, Invisible squad, Hectic offensive, Locust swarm, Light Cavalry, Army of volunteers, Balistae, Sorceress, Pegasus, Mercenaries, Legendary smith, Work overtime

Rare: Crimson hawk, Daemon, White crocodile, Highlander, Trebuchet, Ether dragon, Beast mistress, Manticore, Tyran's pride, Storm of bricks, General's army, Stronghold, Green dragon, Efreet, Genie

Deck 2:

Common: Basic wall, Baron's keep, Caravan, Double wall, Determined defense, Tower, Burglars, Haste, Thief, Clay overproduction, Stone archer, Chapel, Dwarven warriors, Elf, Elven archer

Uncommon: Ancient ruins, Architect, Apprentice, Legendary smith, Cathedral, Defense improvement, Curse, Dwarven fortification, Conjure bricks, Elf enchantress, Fairy dragon, Magical tower, Time warp, Intrigue, Orc regiment

Rare: Architect academy, Architectural improvement, Battalion of fear, Castle beyond looking glass, Damnation, Fortified castle, Great wall of China, Dragon squadron, Magic academy, Magic barrier, Magical palace, Prince of thieves, Valhalla, Tower of Babylon, Two towers

Deck 3:

Common: Abyssal Viper, Barbarian, Basic wall, Burglars, Erosion, Fortified wall, Forest hunter, Goblin saboteur, Hidden treasure, Militia, Phantom lancer, Petrified minotaur, Thief, Tremors, Corrosion

Uncommon: Bloody moon, University, Cold arrow, Fortification, Great wall, Ivory tower, Last hope, Magic fountain, Murderer, Lightning strike, Soulstealer, Academy of Destruction, Mage, Pegasus, Pirates

Rare: Angel of destruction, Archmage, Black dragon, Bone dragon, Dark knight, Devil, Genie, Tornado, Water elemental, Wall shift, Great wall of China, King's elite guard, Under siege, Duplication, Ice dragon