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dmtripper on 19:23, 21. Nov, 2013
As this is my first post I would like to say that I really enjoy this game. It is well made, interesting, and it allows users to be creative (which is something I feel is lacking in most contemporary computer games). I could go on but I will just say thank you to the folks that put time into creating MArcomage.

One feature I think would be helpful is a way to search for cards by cost amount in addition to cost type. When I am building a deck I try to take card cost into consideration for certain card selections. Also, I am not familiar with every card and this would give me an additional way to narrow card searches. Maybe a cost range would be helpful (e.g. "<10," "10-30," and "31+").

What do you all think?
Fithz Hood on 20:47, 21. Nov, 2013
I like you're idea, also a sort option (sort by mane, sort by cost, sort by date...) could be a nice feature
Mojko on 06:26, 22. Nov, 2013
Greetings :)

Are we talking about card sorting (which doesn't filter cards out, only determines in which order they appear on the list) or are we talking about card filtering (which removes some cards from the card list, but doesn't effect list order) or both?

Currently it is possible to filter out cards that match only a specified card cost type (red, green, blue, ...) and order is fixed alphabetically (ascending order).

If I undeerstand correctly, your suggestion would be to add new 'cost range' filter which would apply to total card cost (bricks + gems + recruits), or rather partial costs (bricks, gems or recruits)?
dmtripper on 01:54, 23. Nov, 2013
My thought was a cost range that takes total amount into consideration. If you searched for bricks only cards you could also narrow the search by amount in some way. But I think Fithz Hood's idea reaches the same goal I had in mind.

So to answer your question, Mojko. The filter I am thinking about would apply to total cost. It could be used in addition to the current "cost type" filter. But I think the sorting option suggested essentially does the same work. It wouldn't eliminate the higher or lower cost cards from the pool, but it would keep them on opposite ends :)
Mojko on 20:27, 25. Dec, 2013
Implemented in the Christmas 2013 update :)
dmtripper on 01:18, 26. Dec, 2013
Great! I find it really helpful when looking at large card pools. Thank you