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bek on 23:01, 10. Nov, 2013
Fans of Myst, Riven, or Cyan Inc. should check out Cyan's new project called Obduction. Currently they are looking for pledges so they can move forward on the development of the game. Here's a link to their kickstarter project:

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DPsycho on 03:36, 11. Nov, 2013
How had I not heard of this? They've still a ways to go to make their goal. I hope they succeed. $25 is comparatively high for a Kickstarted game (though $75 is lower than the norm for boxed copy levels).
bek on 02:20, 13. Nov, 2013
Myst was one of my first computer games; started playing when I was 5. It's still a favorite.

I'm excited to see what Cyan does with Obduction. Currently they are ~ $75k and 3 days from their goal, so I think they'll make it.