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justfun on 10:03, 6. Nov, 2013
Since this game is originally from might and magic, i wanted to ask who have played might and magic games.
Witch one and what have u finished.

I have played 7 like 12 years ago first time.. that time i was very close to finish but didnt know it that time.
Year ago i decided to play it again for nostalgic values and finished it. Even graphis are very outdates but exploring world and new dungeons and fininding new treasures and quests is still really exciting.
dimitris on 10:44, 6. Nov, 2013
I've played and finished multiple times:


I've played but not finished:

V and IX. IX was a complete disappointment.

Might and Magic VI was one of the first (serious) pc games I've ever played :)

I still think, Might and Magic series, one of the best rpg series of all time. I could still play them easily today. In fact the last time I've finished Might and Magic VI and VII was about 1,5 year ago, after I've found them again on GOG.

I wait for Might and Magic X to be released and I might as well get it on UPlay early access.
justfun on 12:50, 6. Nov, 2013
Watches might and magic 10 gameplay, i dont like that u cant move freely u have to shoose left right forward etc.

Might and magic 7 was best.. 6 and 8 little but didnt got hooked.
Spoon on 22:22, 6. Nov, 2013
I think the one I played was VII, but I was actually really disappointed: I had been playing Heroes of Might and Magic III and thought I had found some supercool sequel to it. It was a totally different game and I was just at the age where ugly 3D really doesn't impress. I played long enough to find Arcomage, and just stayed at the inn (I think) to keep playing.
Mojko on 07:13, 7. Nov, 2013
I've played these:

Heroes of Might and Magic 1
Heroes of Might and Magic 2
Heroes of Might and Magic 2: Prince of Loyalty
Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Gold edition
Heroes of Might and Magic 4
Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Gold edition
Might and Magic: Heroes 6
The dark messiah of Might and Magic
Might and Magic VII
Might and Magic VIII
Might and Magic IX

Looking forward to X :)
justfun on 07:25, 7. Nov, 2013
I also used to log into might and magic 7 just to play that cardgame in game.