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justfun on 18:14, 5. Nov, 2013
really good back and forward game
NG_Beholder on 18:19, 5. Nov, 2013
This deck actually wasn't designed for long mode at all. :(
justfun on 18:38, 5. Nov, 2013
I think it was really goood deck compared other keyword decks i was so pressurised and close to death all time.
Fithz Hood on 21:11, 5. Nov, 2013
NG_Beholder's deck was cleary planned for normal mode since it doesn't have any facility+ card.
Was it Aria/Frenzy? I've used it too and it was good with the old Frenzy, I wonder if it's still good, probably not in long mode.

I like the "Northern muntains + Supply units" combo in Justfun's deck but I'm doubtful about Pyramids, wouldn't it better to have some quicker tower+ card with better tower/resources ratio? like Ivory tower, Parapet or Honor Guard.
NG_Beholder on 21:43, 5. Nov, 2013
It's Frenzy-based rush deck.