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justfun on 07:25, 21. Oct, 2013
Anyone can sugest me some good decks to beat Captain Demetrios ai
I had few wins this and
And many close one but Ai is bitch, and sometimes draws rares like machine gun. Or u use amulet to draw new hand to win and he ofcouse draws rare attack all resourses card.

Also I noticed winning game is very heavly dependent Curse amulet and ofcouse pyramids in right time. So many games then i had 130 bricks and just cant get pyramids to win and ai wins resources. U need almos all removal to have chance. Meditaor, black market, amulet, conscript army is good.

Also good trick is if u get moat to blackmarket to him so he will use it until he max walls giving u some turns. But other then that its really hard and fustracting.
justfun on 07:26, 21. Oct, 2013
I use basically deck like this Have tried few changes. here and there

But it still mostly boils dont getting amulet so he gives it back to you discarding your rares and giving you stock. So u can discard his rares.
boovli on 08:45, 21. Oct, 2013
I killed it once out of really many games. I used zero cost card deck with Northern archer and Thieves with honor to kill his tower. Played mostly with Facilities=1.
If you are able to preserve facilities mb you should try to kill his tower instead of building yours, it is really his weak point.